Food Storage Feast is your inspiration to create delicious, healthy, inexpensive meals using basic food storage items such as grains, beans, canned and freeze-dried goods, and condiments. We’ll teach you to use these, paired with game you hunt, and garden-grown and local produce, to create beautiful meals all year long, in good times and bad.

Our course is built on three keystones:

  1. Written modules. We explain what foods to store, how to store them, and how to use these foods in your kitchen. We get into the nuts and bolts of each key ingredient, and give you all the knowledge you need to integrate your preps into your daily life before you need to depend on them in a crisis. (These written modules will become part of the forthcoming Food Storage Feast eBook, included with the course.)
  2. Recipe videos. Step-by-step, in high definition, Chef Keith shows you how to make each recipe. We encourage you to try every recipe at least once, then pick your favorites, and make these dishes the foundation of your personal food storage plan.
  3. Community. Food is for sharing, right? After you share it at your table, please share your results and experiences —with us, with other students via our threaded comments, social media and in person to friends and family who might benefit from this information.

It's sharing with other students and interacting with the instructors that makes this an actual course and not just a collection of articles and videos.

Your comments and suggestions enable us to play an active part in helping you.

We welcome your comments, suggestions, questions, feedback, recipe reviews, and photos – especially in our threaded comments, but also via email and social media. FSF is an online course, but there are two very real people, with families, behind it, and we want to help you succeed at food security.

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